ON THE BOUNCE: The Old Wimbledonians are proud to announce a partnership with the Bounce Gym and Injury Clinics in Wimbledon and New Malden with a very special deal for players and any member of the Old Wimbledonians Association.

For Rugby and Cricket players injury is a fact of life and how you rehabilitate yourself is vital to making a successful Return To Play (RTP). Bounce Gym and Injury Clinic has a specialist team that you can trust to make sure every endeavour is made to have your body and mind rebooted for the big games ahead.

SPECIAL OFFER: Available to all Old Wimbledonains members:

  • Old Wimbledonians Rugby and Cricket Players - Half Price Gym Membership @ £30 per month (Unbeatable!)
  • All Old Wimbledonians Members and Parents of Warriors - 10% off memberships
  • All Old Wimbledonians Players, Members and Parents of Warriors - 50% off initial consultations in the Injury Clinic

As our Cricketers have proven this year the sky is the limit for winning Leagues and gaining promotion. As the stakes get higher the competition gets tougher and having your body and mind at peak fitness becomes increasingly important. It also keeps the Coach happy to see you sweating, grunting and grinding out the hard yards.

BOUNCE Expert Team

MAPS: The membership gives you access to two fantastic Bounce facilities:

JOIN BOUNCE: Give the team a call and book your orientation session now - It will be a life enhancing experience for sure.